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What is Jetnet?

What is jetnet all about? To start with, is all about this aviation intelligence and information management company. Some of the software products and services found on this website include but not limited to the following:

• Keeps you in the know in real-time about virtually aspects aspect of market activity in the aviation industry. With its evolution Marketplace feature, it keeps you updated on the changing world of aviation such as commercial trading floors, history and business aviation.

• At, you will learn about its planning tool, JETNET IQ, this fully fledged research, forecasting and reporting service. Here, you will learn about statistical data on sales prices, both retail and wholesale, on aircraft, generate graphs, charts and so on. This feature is facility through yet another service known as Sales Price Index (SPI).

• For customer management, you have at hand Jetnet Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to assist you deal with your clients effectively. JETNET CRM helps in managing the aircraft’s global database, proprietors as well as operators.

• Notably, there is the Evolution Aerodex, yet another service from Jetnet. It does away with the Aircraft for Sale segment, thereby assisting you concentrate on broader range of services befitting professionals such as FBO and MRO.

Jetnent Offers - American Airlines Customer ServicesAt, you will find more than just the above services. This American Airline offers a broad range of services .There are Aircraft Sales Professionals at your beck and call to feed you with the most updated information on various aspects in the aviation industry. If you are either into buying or selling aircraft, then these professionals will be great assistance to you. That is not all; these updates will stream directly to your ipad or Smartphone.